​​Holy Family Preschool & Educational Centre provides opportunities for each child to experience a rapid learning of skills and knowledge through our hands-on academic curriculum, independent exploration and fun structured activities. Our carefully chosen play equipment, educational toys, sensorial activities, and our strong curriculum will stimulate your child's natural curiosity, exploration, play and imagination.

Our 3 to 4 years old and kindergarten mixed program will help each child to build a solid foundation for their academic future and spiritual life. This program also features an "Extended Kindergarten Program" for students attending Kindergarten at school either before or after their half-day sessions. Please contact us for more information.

Our program is designed to:

1. Increase literacy skills by encouraging imitation and repetition of words and sentences through singing songs

2. Alphabet recognition

3. Vowel and consonant sounds

4. Strengthen language skills, conversation, and the ability to retell a story with group sharing and reading stories during circle time

5. Develop pre-reading skills and the love and motivation to read books

6. Develop pre-writing skills and learn to write the alphabet, their first and last name, and numbers 

7. Practice sorting by attributes including shapes, sizes and colors; recognizing and drawing shapes; recognizing patterns; number recognition; counting; adding and subtracting basic numbers

8. Introduce children to a range of science topics

9. Provide small-group activities leading to spiritual growth, emotional and social development by sharing, communicating, and cooperating; taking turns, using words to express emotions and demonstrating how to recognize others' feelings and how to respond appropriately

10. To strengthen large-motor skills with movement activities; improve fine-motor and eye-hand coordination through painting, tracing, printing, stringing, and cutting activities

11. To support pretend play and role-playing with props and costumes; encourage creative expression through age-appropriate art materials; and stimulate imagination through story-telling and block-building

12. Learn to care, respect and value each other as unique and valuable individuals created by God

Our mixed program for kindergarten children provides students with a safe place to stay and learn while their parents are at work. Students continue working on their reading, writing, math and social skills, learned in their kindergarten class.

Our kindergarten students get the chance to spend time developing their skills, expanding their knowledge of the things they have already learned and mastered, with the help of our trained and qualified teachers.

Spiritual Emphasis
The Christian spiritual aspect of our program is part of everything we do. Children will participate in stories, prayer, table grace, songs of praise and crafts based on learning themes/ special events. Our teachers will share the love of God and the virtues of the Holy Family of Nazareth. To love, respect and care to one another, their enthusiasm of God's wonderful creation and being thankful for all His gifts.

Spanish Classes
We are excited to include Spanish classes into our programs! We believe that learning a new language in the early years is the best for your child's learning development. By learning a new language your child will increase and improve his/her listening ability, memory, critical thinking and creativity.

The Benefits of Bilingualism
● Better understanding of one’s primary language
● Bilinguals have a heightened ability over monolinguals to monitor their immediate environment
● Strengthens mental flexibility, self-control/self-regulation and the ease of switching between mental tasks
● Bilingualism may even delay the onset of dementia in old age


3 To 4 YEARS OLD and Kindergarten

​                 MIXED PROGRAM

Fully Licensedu

We are the leading family owned and run  child care, preschool and out of school care in South East Calgary, emphasizing learning by playing and christian moral values.

Our teachers set individualized goals for their children, making sure your child receives the right balance of support and challenge.