Andrea Corrie
 Program Director / Owner.

 I graduated from Mount Royal University where I obtained a Bachelor of Applied Child Studies Degree and a Certificate in  Children's Mental Health - also from Mount Royal University.

 During the years studying my Bachelor I was placed on the President's and Dean's Honours Roll
. In addition, I also hold an Alberta Certificate in Child Development Supervisor (Former level 3).

 After working with children for several years and putting my knowledge into practice, I had the idea, with the help of  my family, to establish a Preschool where children at their early years can learn Christian values/morals and have a solid  foundation for their future academic activities, spiritual life, and their role in the world. 
 I want to work towards giving our children the education and values that will create the kind of leaders we need in the  future, and good leadership begins with solid values.

 'Holy Family Preschool & Educational Centre' is a family business, in which my dad, mom, and I are owners / founders.

 We are  all very inspired and driven with the idea that we can give something meaningful to society, a place where children  can  grow, be safe, experience their love for God, love for themselves and others. We want to give parents a place where  their  children can receive the right balance of support and challenge. That's our goal and what we are working for.  

 Maria Luisa Helmeyer De Corrie


 As a mother of four children, she knows at first hand how important it is for parents to find a place that provides a safe,  nurturing environment where children can have a high quality education and positive experiences to help their  intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development as this lays the foundation for later school success. Every time a  child registers at Holy Family Preschool she feels that she is personally entrusted with your child's early education and  spiritual growth. She also holds an Alberta Certificate in Child Development Assistant (Former level 1).

‚Äč All teachers at Holy Family Preschool & Educational Centre Ltd. are Alberta certified and are required to follow the Holy  Family Preschool's philosophy and mission; and bring with them their education, experience and enthusiasm to work with  preschool children. 

 To ensure the safety of your child, teachers and staff are requested to submit a criminal record check investigated by the  Calgary City Police. In addition, all teachers are requested to have a valid First Aid Certificate.